Published: Sat, July 20, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

UK's Javid says 'send her back' chant at Trump rally unacceptable

UK's Javid says 'send her back' chant at Trump rally unacceptable

Omar was born in Somalia; the other three are born in the United States, and what "places" Trump was referring to is not clear.

U.S. President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on a Somali-born congresswoman Friday while reversing his previous criticisms of a North Carolina crowd who chanted "Send her back", defending them as "patriots" while again questioning the loyalty of four Democratic lawmakers of colour. It was reminiscent of Trump's 2016 campaign, when supporters regularly shouted, "Lock her up!" in a call to jail his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state. But it was quite a chant, and I felt a little bit badly about it. He singled her out last weekend, along with three other Democratic lawmakers who also are women of color, but unlike Omar, all USA citizens by birth. "I disagreed with it".

"When you look at the statements they made that were so bad and so awful to our country", he said. "Imagine if people were saying to me in Britain 'send him back, '" said Javid, who is of Pakistani heritage.

Trump said Omar in particular is "lucky to be where she is, let me tell you, and the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country".

"I want them to keep loving our country".

"If you're not happy here, then you can leave".

In North Carolina, Trump berated each of the four congresswomen and said: "They never have anything good to say. I believe he is fascist".

The public infighting prompted handwringing from some Democrats, while others dismissed it as healthy debate about America's future.

'No-deal' Brexit dealt blow by United Kingdom parliament
Ms James said, in a statement after her resignation, that she was "increasingly uncomfortable" about the rhetoric developing on Brexit.

Ms Omar, a refugee from Somalia, is a naturalised U.S. citizen who was elected to Congress a year ago.

Biden noted that the large majority of seats won by House Democrats in last year's congressional elections were secured by moderates in his own mold, not self-described socialists such as Ocasio-Cortez. "And I think this really horrendous narrative that says, as a Muslim, I'm supposed to explain, apologise, for the actions of someone who's also terrorising me, is absurd".

Now Omar has become one of Trump's fiercest critics, regularly attacking his immigrant detention policies at the southern US border with Mexico as immoral and assailing the country's long-standing support and alliance with Israel, which she says comes at the expense of Palestinians living alongside the Israelis.

Citing Trump's rhetoric, House Democrats said they were discussing arranging security for Omar and the three other congresswomen.

Republican reaction has been more muted but some spoke out. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of MA and Rashida Tlaib of MI.

Both times, within days, the House of Representatives approved resolutions to indirectly rebuke Omar that condemned anti-Semitism.

Ocasio-Cortez warned on Thursday that Trump's attacks "put millions of Americans in danger". He then threw his supporters under the bus, saying "I didn't say it, they did", even though he ignited the chants with tweets in which he has originally asked the four female non-white lawmakers to go back to their country if they did not like America. "Because we have the most divisive president [and] we're living in historically traumatising many people are rising up, to not only resist the detrimental policies that are coming from this administration, but to also insist on having the America we all know we deserve", she says.

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