Published: Sat, July 20, 2019
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Role Lock and Role Queue Coming to Ranked and Pro Overwatch

Role Lock and Role Queue Coming to Ranked and Pro Overwatch

After previously being rumored, Blizzard has confirmed that role locking is indeed coming to Overwatch. Now, after nearly four years of allowing players to mix and match the Overwatch's diverse cast of the characters, Blizzard is introducing a 2-2-2 role-lock which would mean that every Overwatch team must play with a composition of two tanks, two healers and two DPS at all times. "It's not uncommon for players-who may all have different goals and play styles-to feel tension, pressure, disappointment, or even hostility as a team composition comes together".

Placement matches, meanwhile, come with a new catch in tow - where the current system allocates a SR based on the number of victories across 10 matches, the Role Queue feature requires players to complete five of them from each role (so 15 in total) for a combined average, alongside completion rewards of a special spray and season-specific player icon. Upon entering the match, players select desired heroes to play within their chosen roles. The new "Role Queue" system will have you pick your favored team roles before even heading into a game, and then pick a character from within those roles.

An Overwatch Role Queue Developer Update has been released about this new feature making its way to Overwatch. While this won't really affect casual players all that much, those of you mad lads who enjoy dipping their toes into competitive will no doubt be wondering how such a system will be balanced alongside each player's Skill Rating (SR).

Competitive is getting some serious changes with the introduction of Role Queue.

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Naturally, splitting up matchmaking into three separate queues has the potential to increase matchmaking times, though you'll be able to see estimates of how long it'll take to find a game per class.

This is the biggest change to Overwatch's core structure since the Blizzard implemented the one hero per team limit, which eliminated hero stacking-that is, rolling out the gate with two or three Bastions, for example. Role Queue should ensure that Overwatch matches remain "fair and fun well into the future" according to Blizzard, while fostering an environment that encourages teamwork. This means that you'll have to play three separate rounds of Placement Matches at 5 per role, but the upside is you'll get triple the amount of competitive points towards a golden weapon. The game is introducing a Role Queue system, and with it a 2-2-2 role lock. And with heroes like D.Va, Zarya, Reinhardt, Moira, Lúcio and Brigitte taking the spotlight, it's led to a style of play that is all but impossible to counter.

Stage four of the Overwatch League begins on July 25, and it's going to be a big one.

Overwatch players share a common frustration with trying to make a stable team composition within a short period before the match. What do you think of Overwatch's incoming Role Queue?

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