Published: Sat, July 20, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta Is Out With Changes, Additions, And Improvements

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta Is Out With Changes, Additions, And Improvements

Season 4 is bringing in a ton of changes to the game and several visual upgrades to many parts of Erangel.

The top nine finalists who will be competing in the "TEAM UP" portion of the upcoming PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Global Finals was decided after ten days of voting from players around the world.

There is a load of other changes to read about in the official patch notes. The new PP-19 Bison gun uses 9mm and has 53 -rounds in a magazine, and fits limited muzzles and sights. This update gives users a glimpse of Season 8 of the game. These advantages come at the cost of a slightly weaker performance later in the match.

Deathmatch added to Room Mode. While downloading a new patch, iOS players can now send the app to the background (iOS shop will not be updated to reflect this). We should mention that no rating will be deducted while the card is active and it only applies to Crown tier and below. This feature can be enabled via the Graphics settings inside the PUBG Mobile game, and most likely, it will be available only on high-end phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, Asus 6Z, Apple iPhone XS Max and so on. After completing some PMCO themed missions, users will be able to unlock the new PMCO song by Alan Walker and they will also get the PMCO theme for the main menu.

Apart from this somewhat batshit insane turn of events, Season 4 will also bring a host of new changes that are detailed in the video below.

UC purchase bonus screen has been tuned and the rewards have been updated.

SDCC 2019: THE WALKING DEAD Is Headed To Theaters
The trailer shows a war that's coming between Michonne and her group and The Whisperers that were revealed a year ago . So how she'll go out (considering she lives throughout the comics) is going to be interesting to see.

Some mythic outfits are now shown with weapons.

Title visual effects have been improved.

Latest Events: - Team Up in Royale Pass Season 8 for the Summer Carnival!

Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath has a new cooperative mission system that allows players to work together towards milestones and rewards.

Recently, for example, a series of Fortnite events - including the appearance of a giant pink mech - will lead to an impressive Pacific Rim-style battle taking place this weekend. We can expect its release in the coming days. There's plenty of updates to the UI as well as a new Turntable item in the game that will let you play music. "Will you find a person strong enough to conquer their fear?"

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