Published: Sat, July 20, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Gone rogue: At least 17 injured at United Kingdom ‘car cruise’ event

Gone rogue: At least 17 injured at United Kingdom ‘car cruise’ event

A charity "car cruise" event has come under fire following a "horrific" collision injuring seventeen people. Two vehicles crashed at a "car cruise" gathering leading to many injuries while onlookers watched on.

Spectators claimed at least one of the vehicles involved, a Nissan 350Z and a Toyota GT86, was travelling at up to 70mph in the moments before the crash on Monkswood Way at around 9.45pm on Thursday.

In footage caught on cameras, one auto is seen turning in from a side road when another speed past and clips the slower vehicle, sending both veering off in opposite directions.

The East of England Ambulance Service said some of the people had been seriously hurt. But unfortunately some people went a bit rogue.

Mr Sidhu said the event had been running regularly for 17 years, providing a "safe space" for auto enthusiasts to meet within a controlled, closed environment.

The force is asking for any witnesses with footage of the incident to retain it as it may help their inquiries.

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He blamed the social media effect which made participants break the norm to get thrilling footage and post things to their friends.

The organiser Rix Sidhu said he had been organising similar meets for 17 years and the gathering on Thursday was aimed at raising money for charity.

"Nobody wanted this, we try so hard to make sure this doesn't happen, we beg people not to race on the roads - if they want to race, there are places they can go for that, tracks where they can go at speed", he said.

Footage posted on Twitter shows a auto passing another vehicle before the two collide and plough into crowds.

A Hertfordshire police spokesman said investigations are ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

The air ambulance was also sent to the scene.

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