Published: Thu, July 18, 2019
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Njoroge lets loose at FAA in US Congress

Njoroge lets loose at FAA in US Congress

Additionally, Njoroge divulged: "On April 4, three weeks after the deaths of my family, in what I have since learned is a shameful pattern of behavior by Boeing and airplane manufacturers, Boeing shifted focus from the root cause of the crashes - the design flaws in the 737 Max and MCAS - and started talking about "foreign pilot error".

The congressional hearings follow the global grounding of USA manufacturer Boeing's MAX fleet after the Ethiopian crash and an earlier Lion Air MAX disaster in Indonesia.

Every month that it can't deliver the planes means Boeing is paying to store them and not seeing any profit. "But one could assume that we won't fully catch up next year", Laderman said.

Njoroge says pilots should be trained on simulators to handle the Max's flight control software that can point the plane's nose down to avoid an aerodynamic stall.

"When we received that link through data and evidence found at the actual crash site in Ethiopia, we grounded the aircraft", Elwell said.

Since March, Paul Njoroge hasn't been able to work, sleep without nightmares, or go about his life without thinking about the final moments that his wife, his three children, and his mother-in-law were alive.

Njoroge, 35, told reporters after he testified that he did not think the public would trust Boeing going forward.

Relatives of those killed in the Ethiopia Airlines crash in March have testified for the first time before the United States Congress. "That's criminal. Why would you hide information of an important software that can take control of the plane?" The crash investigations generally take at least a year to complete.

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Njoroge, who was born in Kenya and lives in Canada, said Boeing has blamed "innocent pilots who had no knowledge and were given no information of the new and flawed MCAS system that could overpower pilots".

This comes days after United Airlines extended its cancellation of 737 MAX flights to November 3rd, affecting around 5000 flights.

"The tragic loss of life in both accidents continues to weigh heavily on all of us at Boeing, and we have the utmost sympathy for the loved ones of those on board", Boeing chairman CEO Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement.

China, which has the largest Max 8 fleet in a single country and was the first to ground the planes, could be the outlier, especially as there are now politics at play in terms of its trade negotiations with the U.S.

The plane was a Boeing 737 MAX.

Feinberg, who will jointly administer the fund with lawyer Camille Biros, said the other $50m in the fund is earmarked for government and community projects.

In a bid to counter the worldwide negative publicity, Boeing's high-profile PR group said on Wednesday it will dedicate half of a US$100 million fund to provide payments to families of those killed, with compensation expert Ken Feinberg hired by the world's largest plane maker to oversee the distribution.

Boeing reiterated on Wednesday that the money distributed through the fund would be independent from the outcome of any lawsuits.

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