Published: Wed, July 17, 2019
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Pokémon GO crossing over with One Piece for natural disaster relief

Pokémon GO crossing over with One Piece for natural disaster relief

Despite the big change a year ago, trainers never really gravitated to the new mode and this was likely due to the fact that battles were nothing more than tapping repeatedly for a quick attack, then tapping again to implement the charge move.

As previously mentioned, the new update for Pokemon Go sports the 0.149.0 version number and the developers are rolling it outa via OTA (over the air) channels.

These are displayed as three progress bars that are turning red when they are full, and you are able to switch between monsters with a tap. The previous system was a little unclear, much meant lots of people resorted to IV calculator apps.

An APK teardown by Pokemon Go research group The Silph Road also revealed that you'll also be able to battle Team Go Rocket grunts and catch shadow Pokemon they abandon - basically adding a whole new gameplay element.

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Besides the upgraded battle mechanics, Niantic has introduced an easier to get in-game appraisal system.

As we can clearly see in the patch notes listed above, the new update for Pokemon Go comes with lots of new features that fans are going to love.

Look at his little ears.

The collaboration celebrates both Pokemon Go's third anniversary as well as One Piece's 22nd anniversary. It was announced by Pokemon Go that a special Pikachu would be available in Pokemon Go starting from July 22nd. It's the same hat Luffy wears in One Piece. Oda will also provide art for unique PokéStops that will be placed in Kumamoto City in an attempt to drive tourism and support to the area.

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