Published: Wed, July 17, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Florida expert flies to Chicago to help catch alligator

Florida expert flies to Chicago to help catch alligator

Robb, with all his fingers intact, threw a ideal strike. That's when Robb says he saw the gator's eyes shine in the darkness. Unable to catch him, Chicago wildlife authorities called in Florida wrangler Frank Robb. Others took to Twitter to take part in making a meme of the animal nicknamed after Chicago-native Chance the Rapper and to comment on his fame.

Frank Robb of St. Augustine, Florida, arrived on Sunday and immediately began assessing the park and lagoon.

Gandurski said the city deals with about one alligator-related incident every year, but it's rare to have to deal with them in the wild.

Chicago police spot almost 5-foot-long alligator swimming in lagoon.

Robb presented Chance to captivated reporters at the Humboldt Park Boathouse Tuesday morning, ending the unusual, week-long hunt. Reptilian Chance is believed to be four-to-five feet long, and officials promise that he will not be killed now that he is captured. The gator was given a red bow tie collar, which a city official placed around his neck.

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Chance was a daily news story from the day he was spotted and photos started popping up online.

"We want to ensure it can be moved to a permanent home in an appropriate location - not a lagoon in a Chicago park", Chicago Animal Care and Control Executive Director Kelley Grandurski said.

As for the now-famous alligator trapper, Robb was invited to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night.

"Everybody's got different blessings".

The 4-foot alligator was hiding in the lily pads when he was captured, and Animal Care and Control said closing the park was key to tracking down the reptile.

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