Published: Wed, July 17, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Android 10 Q: Google adds 65 new emojis

Android 10 Q: Google adds 65 new emojis

Apple says it had proposed the new emojis to the Unicode Consortium last year and these were approved earlier this year.

Moreover on the woke-moji side, Apple is also now allowing users a choice for the skin tones of the family and couple emojis. Apple's new emojis will arrive on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch later this year while Google's new emojis will be available on Android Q. Both companies are bringing around 60 new emojis this year.

As it turns out, when it comes to those of us who live here, we have a good sense of humour with our favourite and most used emoji being, drum roll. the face with tears of joy.

Apple is scheduled to launch the new emojis "this fall" as part of a free software update.

The new emoji will be available sometime in the fall.

In the occasion of World Emoji Day, a lingustics professor says emojis are creative but can be chaotic and cause confusion in a workplace.

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World Emoji Day is held on June 17 - it's an unofficial "holiday" that celebrates the existence of emoji, the small pictures that replaced emoticons and revolutionized how people communicate.

For instance, it plans to release disability-themed emoji with prosthetic limbs and even a guide dog. The major update is to the Holding Hands emoji to make it gender inclusive with the diverse skin tone to make up to 75 possible combinations.

Google states that, as of Android Q, any Emoji that doesn't have a gender specified in its Unicode documentation will default to a "gender ambiguous design".

Emojis for waffles, falafels, butter and garlic.

As for animals, a sloth, flamingo, skunk and orangutan are being added to the suite.

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