Published: Tue, July 16, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

What did Neil Armstrong really say when he stepped onto the moon?

What did Neil Armstrong really say when he stepped onto the moon?

Along with Armstrong, Slayton selected Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to form the three-man crew of Apollo 11.

Lego is honoring the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with a life-sized recreation of the spacesuits worn on the 1969 journey, along with a partnership with Scholastic to send 50 children to NASA space camp in 2020. The lunar landing was achieved just eight years after President John F. Kennedy's historic challenge, triggered by a Cold War space race with the Soviet Union.

In addition to the displays the Menomonie Public Library has several programs happening to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

At NASA's invitation, Collins marked the precise moment - 9:32 a.m. on July 16, 1969 - that the Saturn V rocket blasted off.

Collins noted that the moon-first crowd has merit to its argument and he pointed out Armstrong himself was among those who believed returning to the moon "would assist us mightily in our attempt to go to Mars".

"The risks were great, the odds were long, and they were so long that some even feared that if we could make it to the moon we might not be able to make it back", he said. By the time the Apollo 17 mission returned from the Moon in December 1972, I had already been captivated by the courageous astronauts.

"And I thought to myself, well how awesome is all this, that all these people have co-operated together to make this possible, and up there on the moon that I could see there were three people, three men, two of them on the surface of the moon".

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The last human to set foot on the Moon was Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan on December 14, 1972.

"This jet bag is visible in the very first picture that Neil Armstrong took on the surface of the moon", says Lisa Ruth Rand, a science and technology historian. Is it surprising, then, that NASA is having trouble in every step of its meager plan for landing humans on the Moon again?

The crew are on their way home to a hero's welcome, and take some photos of their approach to Earth.

Throughout the sixties, I followed almost every American manned spacecraft launch, recording many over shortwave radio broadcasts. The next day, the lunar module Eagle, with Armstrong and Aldrin inside, separated from the command module where Collins remained.

Blackwell-Thompson said she got goosebumps listening to the replay of the Apollo 11 countdown.

Fifty years ago on Tuesday, three American astronauts set off from Florida for the Moon on a mission that would change the way we see humanity's place in the universe. One of those explorers will be a woman, agency officials have said - the first ever to set foot on the moon.

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