Published: Tue, July 16, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump claims he will investigate Google for 'treasonous' China ties

Trump claims he will investigate Google for 'treasonous' China ties

President Donald Trump has promised to look into claims made by the billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel that Google may have committed treason.

At the National Conservative Conference earlier on Monday, Thiel accused Google of making "the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the USA military".

United States President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he wants his administration to "take a look" into whether Google has been working with the Chinese government - an allegation swiftly denied by the U.S. internet giant. "I think she's the one who is actually talking about the economy, the thing that I think matters the most", Thiel said.

A spokesman for Google said: "As we have said before, we do not work with the Chinese military". He later doubled down on the remarks on Fox News. In response, Google denied it works with the Chinese military.

Quoting a headline on Thiel from "Fox & Friends", Trump said: "A great and brilliant guy who knows this subject better than anyone!". He reiterated his support of Trump in Sunday's speech by praising the administration's foreign policy, in particular the trade battle with China.

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"Does Google's senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?"

"Google is not a patriotic company", said Lonsdale. Thiel failed to provide evidence when pressed further about his incendiary claims, stressing that he was simply "raising questions" about Google's relationship with Beijing.

Trump did not elaborate on what he meant to do, beyond appending a short thought to a quotation he appeared to attributed to Fox and Friends, and a spokesman for the White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Thiel said that any links between Google and China, "need to be asked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, by the Central Intelligence Agency, and I'm not sure quite how to put this, I would like them to be asked in a not excessively gentle manner".

All of this also comes at a time when Big Tech remains in the legislative crosshairs, with everyone from Trump to presidential contenders like Elizabeth Warren agitating for Washington to do more to rein in companies like Facebook and Google.

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