Published: Tue, July 16, 2019
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#Galileo - Prolonged outage of Europe's Global Positioning System raises concern

#Galileo - Prolonged outage of Europe's Global Positioning System raises concern

"They are working on it. Teams from industry and the Agencies are working 24/7 to restore the Galileo services as soon as possible to their nominal levels". The Galileo network of satellites is Europe's answer to the American GPS system, Russia's Glonass, and the Chinese Beidou system, all of which are what enable devices like our phones to pinpoint our location. "In other words, as the use of satellite-based navigation systems continues to expand, the implications of a potential signal failure become even greater".

The Galileo Search and Rescue service (SAR) does not experience any problems according to GSA. The system's status page now lists all 22 of its satellites as either "Not Usable" or "Testing", as part of an incident that started early Friday morning. "An Anomaly Review Board has been immediately set up to analyse the exact root cause and to implement recovery actions", it added.

The EU's Galileo satellite navigation system has been down for four days as a result of a technical incident on the ground.

Galileo is a multi-billion-euro project of the European Union and the European Space Agency.

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"As far as I know, it is a problem of the PTF [Precise Timing Facility] in Italy - time has an impact on the whole constellation", a source close to the program told Inside GNSS.

Precise Timing Facilities generate the reference time against which Galileo's clocks are calibrated, and are part of the complex ground infrastructure that maintains the system.

Currently, the group operational satellites of the Galileo employs 22 staff, all from 2011, the programme was launched 30 satellites. The approval reportedly aims to provide users with faster and more accurate sat nav capabilities.

Theresa May told reporters at the G20 summit in Argentina previous year: "The European Commission decided that we would be barred from having full aspects of the Galileo programme and so it is right for us to look for alternatives because it would be wrong to put our armed services relying on a system on which they couldn't be sure of".

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