Published: Tue, July 16, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Chandrayaan 2 mission postponed, ISRO to announce new launch date soon

Chandrayaan 2 mission postponed, ISRO to announce new launch date soon

Just before an hour of the launch, a technical snag was observed in the cryogenic stage of the rocket, which is created to provide more thrust for every kilogram of propellant burned. Made up of an orbiter, lander and a rover, Chandrayaan-2 was to be launched by the country's most powerful rocket, known as Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III. He did not specify what the snag was.

'Isro has an exceptional success rate when it comes to launching systems.

'I am glad that people at Isro chose to hold back rather than hurrying into a major disaster.

At Rs 978 crore, India's lunar mission is considered more cost efficient than similar projects by other countries.

ISRO blamed "a technical snag" for calling off the launch with 56 minutes and 24 seconds left on the countdown. We first have to approach the vehicle to assess the problem.

"One must not be complacent and must remain alert till the last moment".

"It was the right decision to call off Chandrayaan 2 launch".

The prequel to this mission was called Chandrayaan-1, which means "moon vehicle" in Sanskrit.

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India was aiming to become just the fourth nation to make a soft landing on the moon before it called off the mission, titled Chandrayaan-2, with some 56 minutes before its 2:30 a.m. launch. Till now, only the US, Russia, and China have achieved this feat.

The Moon is the closest cosmic body at which space discovery can be attempted and documented.

India has spent about $140 million on Chandrayaan-2, designing and building nearly all of its components domestically.

It follows another high-profile but low-priced Indian mission - Mangalyaan - which put a spacecraft in orbit around Mars in 2014 at a fraction of the cost of comparable projects by established space powers like the United States, which often cost billions of dollars. The lander will carry the rover inside it. "It may be a simple thing or complex thing; they'll analyze it".

It would also be the first-ever spacecraft to land near the lunar south pole.

India deployed an unmanned spacecraft in an orbit around the moon in 2008.

The Indian mission involved a 2.4-metric ton orbiter that will circle the Moon for about a year taking images and testing the atmosphere. He said experts were examining the technical issue. Rakesh Sharma, the only Indian to have been to space, was part of a Russian mission in 1984. Earlier in the year, China had successfully launched the Chang'e-4 lunar probe. ISRO is operating Chandrayaan-2 with a budget 20 times less than its counterpart NASA.

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