Published: Sun, July 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

China to impose sanctions on US firms in Taiwan arms sale

China to impose sanctions on US firms in Taiwan arms sale

Tsai's first-ever transit through NY as president, part of a larger 12-day journey to the nation's four Caribbean diplomatic allies, sparked anger and outrage from China, which urged the USA government not to allow it. "All difficulties will only strengthen our determination to go out to the global community".

The People's Daily editorial suggested that the Taiwan weapons deal was just one element of American efforts to "contain China".

China has vowed to one day to reassert control over the island, by force if necessary.

On Thursday, police in NY had to break up fights between supporters and opponents of Ms Tsai.

"We both take pride in our progressive society, openness to new ideas and tolerance for different opinions - like the noise outside of this hotel", she said, referring to the pro-Beijing protests, a remark that drew both laughter and applause.

The tanks represent a significant upgrade to Taiwan's ageing fleet.

Tsai, who is up for re-election in January, has repeatedly called for global support to defend Taiwan's democracy in the face of Chinese threats. "We hope to put an effective system in place to protect ourselves from this information war using government policy and the law".

Tsai's two-day stop in NY was part of what her office called the "Journey of Freedom, Democracy and Sustainability" tour, and she spoke firmly of the importance of democracy.

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Taiwan's leaders have typically been prohibited from making public appearances during transit stops in the US since Washington switched its diplomatic allegiance to Beijing from Taipei in 1979.

On Monday, the Pentagon said the US State Department had approved the sale of the weapons requested by Taiwan, including 108 General Dynamics Corp M1A2T Abrams tanks and 250 Stinger missiles, which are manufactured by Raytheon.

China said on Friday it would impose sanctions on US firms involved in the deal, saying it harmed China's sovereignty and national security.

China's military has recently carried out air and naval drills along its southeast coast, the defence ministry has said, in an announcement that came after Beijing demanded the cancellation of a potential arms sale from the United States to self-ruled Taiwan.

Taiwan has defended the proposed purchase of Dollars 2.2 billion in arms from the U.S., following a Chinese announcement that it would sanction any American companies involved in the deal.

On a visit to Budapest on July 12, China's top diplomat Wang Yi warned Washington it should "not play with fire" on the question of Taiwan.

"The U.S. side must understand that selling arms to Taiwan will not be able to fill the huge gap of military strength", it read.

Before heading home, Tsai is to stop in Denver, Colorado, also for two days. She began her trip in NY and is expected to stop in Denver on her way back.

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