Published: Sat, July 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Truck Spills $175K on Georgia Highway

Truck Spills $175K on Georgia Highway

According to CNN, police estimate that almost $1,75,000 was spilled out when the truck's side door sprung open.

"The armored vehicle crew said the side door came open while they were driving and money spilled out onto 285", police said in a statement posted on Facebook.

The Tuesday night drive home couldn't have been sweeter for drivers headed home on I-285. My friend sent me this video of people who literally stopped in the middle of the interstate to pick up cash that had somehow managed to spill onto the side of the road.‍♀️ Would you do this?!?

But police warn those who picked up the money could face charges if they don't return it.

What would you do if you found cash lying around on the road?

Many people later turned up at the police station to return the cash they had collected.

According to The Washington Post, Lewis brought back $2,100 while other people brought in a combined $2,300.

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Once on the scene, police discovered the armored truck as the source of the money.

Authorities said that anyone caught taking the money would be liable for theft.

Now, predictably, the police are asking those who seized the moment to return the unlawfully gained cash. Police say that they received multiple 911 calls "regarding money flying all over the road".

As of this (Thursday) morning, six people are said to have turned in around $4,400 (£3,514) worth of roadside wonga, with Randrell Lewis handing in $2,150 (£1,716) on his own. "We're grateful no one was hit and there were no crashes", said Parsons.

By Wednesday night, however, a handful of people had stepped forward to return a chunk of the money, according to Dunwoody Police spokesman Sergeant Robert Parsons.

"Don't make us come looking for you".

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