Published: Sat, July 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Japan says it won't retract or renegotiate export rules on S. Korea

Japan says it won't retract or renegotiate export rules on S. Korea

THE BACKDROP: Japan and South Korea, both important hosts for USA military bases in East Asia, have been bickering for years over a territorial dispute and over South Korean demands for more contrition and compensation from Japan for its use of forced labor and recruitment of Korean women for military brothels during the Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula in the early 20th century.

Japan announced the curbs on the exports of materials used in smartphone displays and chips last week, amid a growing dispute over South Koreans forced to work for Japanese firms during World War Two.

The dispute is as unpredictable as the U.S.

Lim also called attention to the public statement from last year's summit involving the leaders of the 10-member ASEAN, South Korea, China and Japan, which underscored their commitment to "uphold a global trade environment that is open, mutually beneficial, rules-based and inclusive".

It also underscores Japan's grip on a vital link in the global supply chain that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government is using as leverage, days before a parliamentary election. Many observers would see Japan's membership in the UNC as one step closer towards such a goal, with South Korea sure to oppose such a development.

Strategy and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki said in parliament that South Korea's finished semiconductor products are in stock for several months.

Japanese officials say those chemicals are sensitive materials that can be used in fighter jets, radars and chemical weapons.

"This is an issue to be solved between Japan and South Korea".

US, China negotiators resume trade war talks
Mr Trump also claimed that China, in exchange, has agreed to buy a "tremendous amount" of American food and agricultural products. Trade weakness has added to pressure on Xi's government to shore up economic growth and avoid politically risky job losses.

Kang noted that it would not be desirable for the friendly cooperative relationship between South Korea and Japan as well as the trilateral cooperation including the United States, stressing that South Korea has maintained a position to develop the future-oriented relations with Japan.

"The Japanese government's move to inflict damage on our economy to serve political purposes and link (the issue) with sanctions against North Korea (DPRK) without any evidence is surely not ideal for the friendship and security cooperation between the two countries", Moon said.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide emergency funds to domestic companies affected by Japan's export restrictions on South Korea's crucial tech industry, Yonhap News reports, citing Cho In-dong, an economic policy officer at the city's office.

Analysts said the Japanese measure won't have a meaningful impact immediately on ROK chipmakers Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, which both have sufficient supplies of the materials for now, given the slowdown in demand for semiconductors.

The export curbs come weeks ahead of a July 21 upper house election that Abe's Liberal Democrats and their junior partner are expected to win with a solid majority.

Japan was "not thinking at all" of withdrawing the curbs, which did not violate World Trade Organization rules, he said.

But according to the documents revealed by Ha, who sits on the National Assembly's National Defense Committee, direct shipments of the chemicals in question had been sent to the North from Japan without going through South Korea.

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