Published: Fri, July 12, 2019
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‘Stranger Things 4’ Likely to Feature More Portals Out of Hawkins

‘Stranger Things 4’ Likely to Feature More Portals Out of Hawkins

"Meanwhile, the Cortez, Blazer and Tailwind remained sport and style staples, granting a timely authenticity to the Stranger Things collection". The Duffer Brothers have created a genuine cultural phenomenon, and with Game of Thrones having recently wrapped up, Stranger Things might very well be the biggest television show on the planet right now.

The explosive, exciting final act of "The Sauna Test" proffers hope for the second half of Stranger Things 3 to buck the trend of its predecessors, and finally embrace its full potential as a series. To start, _Stranger Things Season 3 takes place during the Summer of 1985. For the most part, we've been in Hawkins, Indiana with the group and haven't ventured too far outside of that bubble.

With the gap between Season 2 and Season 3 roughly a year and 8 months, this means the wait for Stranger Things Season 4 - which might I add hasn't been actually announced by Netflix yet - could potentially be interminably long. Many people thought there was nothing new or original about the new season.

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Netflix's Stranger Things has had a majorly successful third season, and fans are already wondering what could be in store for the next.

While the creators behind the sci-fi series are yet to confirm a release date of Stranger Things 4, it appears they're following a pattern. Fans have been buzzing that Hopper is said prisoner, although there are theories out there that the imprisoned American could also be Matthew Modine's Dr. Martin Brenner from the first season. With a little time to digest the episodes, we ran two polls on the IGN front page to gauge which season of Stranger Things was our readers' favorite, and which character duo was the best of the bunch. There's no word on when Stranger Things 4 will arrive. We knew that the Russians were going to come in. Stranger Things 3 contains eight episodes that feature numerous vital characters from the past two seasons, as well as a few new faces that play a large role in the kids' summer.

"Stranger Things 3" is now streaming on Netflix. If the show continues, the cast salaries are only going to keep rising.

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