Published: Fri, July 12, 2019
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Sean Hannity Invites Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Hour Long Interview

Sean Hannity Invites Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Hour Long Interview

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-NY) recent charge that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is silencing minority voices in Congress has irked some of her fellow Democrats.

Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives have previously called for the abolition of ICE, but her suggestion to dissolve the umbrella department that oversees numerous agencies - including the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Transportation Security Administration - would significantly alter the federal structure overseeing immigration enforcement, anti-terrorism and disaster management that was created after the September 11 attacks.

Calling the self-described democratic-socialist "one of the intellectual leaders" of the House Democratic caucus, Cheney said Ocasio-Cortez's calls to abolish the Department of Homeland Security are absurd, dangerous, and "highly irresponsible". Also, the British navy says Iran tried to interfere with a British tanker in the Persian Gulf.

Pelosi did not respond to a question about whether Chakrabarti should be sanctioned for his tweet. In the 2018 election, Clay had a primary challenger, whom Ocasio-Cortez backed.

Ocasio-Cortez responded via Twitter "That public "whatever" is called public sentiment".

The four progressive freshman members of her party voted against the $4.6 billion border funding bill last month.

"I've said what I'm going to say".

"I can tell you this as the Republican Conference Chair, someone who's responsible for a large part of our messaging, that we are going to be having these debates based on substance".

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"So, again, you got a complaint?"

The extreme left-wing freshman reacted to Pelosi's recurrent endeavors to control some of the members of her caucus. I certainly know that she has been critical of some women of color.

"I think so, I think so".

"When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm's distance in order to protect more-moderate members, which I understood", Ocasio-Cortez told The Post's Rachael Bade and Mike DeBonis.

"We respect the value of every member of our caucus", she said.

Meanwhile, some House Democrats are seeking common ground between the factions. "Let's rally around the Speaker", Khanna said on Thursday. "She is the leader and we need to support her and focus our fire on people like Mitch McConnell or the President". "This is a pretty busy week on the floor for everybody, but probably next week".

But AOC told reporters afterwards that that Pelosi's comments were incendiary and were "singing out individuals" despite knowing "the media environment that we're operating in" as well as being aware of the "amount of death threats" she receives. But I do think if we don't have progress on racial justice it will be because of the new Dems and blue dogs.

"I am anxious about the signal that it sends to people I speak to and for, who sent me here with a mandate, and how it affects them", Pressley said after the meeting of Pelosi's reprimands of the group.

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