Published: Fri, July 12, 2019
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Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Exclusive Gym Leaders

Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Exclusive Gym Leaders

In an interview with GameCentral, Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori reveals that this is by choice, as the team likes to implement new features in Pokemon games more gradually. Welcome to the world, our new Cream Pokemon.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield will being released in November, it is unlikely developers will drop any new major game mechanics until after the game is released. It also has a useful ability; if you fail to catch a pokemon while it's on the field, it will retrieve the first pokeball that fails.

The next Pokemon, Rolycoly, is a Rock-type Pokemon that resembles a piece of coal. But more importantly, Alcreamie has the new ability to Gigantamax, which is shared by (so far) only two other Pokemon; Drednaw and Corviknight.

There's also a new Dynamaxing power called Gigantamaxing coming, which will alter a Pokemon's physical appearance as well as their size.

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Gigantamaxed Pokemon will also get to use a G-Max move in battle that is particular to a specific species of Pokemon. However, in an interesting twist, Bea will be an exclusive gym leader to Pokemon Sword and Allister will only be fought in Pokemon Shield. The trailer showed what appeared to be Alcremie or part of its evolutionary line Gigantamaxing into a giant wedding cake.

Outside of the three new Pokemon, the trailer had one big reveal in the form of Gigantamaxing.

For two friends or siblings who want to split the price, or avid fans who want both games, Nintendo's offering a Sword/Shield double pack that contains both games for the price of $119.99.

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