Published: Thu, July 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Tommy Robinson jailed for 9 months for contempt of court

Tommy Robinson jailed for 9 months for contempt of court

Those images, according to Reuters, had revealed the identities of defendants accused of sexually exploiting young girls, while jurors were still weighing the outcome of their case.

The ex-English Defence League leader was found guilty last week of interfering with the trial of a sexual grooming gang at Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

SUPPORTERS of right-wing activist Tommy Robinson have "verbally abused" and "physically intimidated" journalists after he was sentenced to jail.


Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who goes by the name of Tommy Robinson, has been jailed for 9 months for contempt of court.

Robinson was told that the time he previously spent behind bars for the contempt will be taken into account, reducing his sentence to 19 weeks - of which he will serve half before being released.

His lawyer was forced to apologise when he arrived late for court.

Robinson was jailed for 13 months in May 2018 after being found in contempt of court on the day of the broadcast.

Dozens of angry supporters of British far-right activist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon scuffled with police and marched on parliament after he was jailed on Thursday for contempt of court.

He was ruled to have encouraged "vigilante action" in the video.

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The judges also rejected claims by Yaxley-Lennon that he had made checks in the court about reporting restrictions.

In an appearance on the far-right conspiracy theory website InfoWars on Monday, Robinson asked Donald Trump to grant him asylum in the U.S., claiming he faced being killed in prison if he was jailed on Thursday.

He had argued in his defence that he did not believe he was breaching restrictions and that any information he gave was already public.

A number of Robinson's supporters who gathered outside the court on Thursday and Friday reacted angrily after the verdict was announced.

His online publication of details about the criminal case involved a breach of a reporting restriction order imposed under s4 (2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981.

Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Warby found that Robinson was in contempt by breaching the ban, live-streaming the video from outside the court's public entrance and "aggressively confronting and filming" defendants.

The nine month jail sentence served on Thursday includes six months for the Leeds Crown Court offence previous year and another three months for contempt of court, following a suspended sentence given at Canterbury Crown Court in May 2017.

Speaking after his previous hearing, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox said: "Posting material online that breaches reporting restrictions or risks prejudicing legal proceedings is a very serious matter and this is reflected in the court's decision today".

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