Published: Thu, July 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Gunmen massacre 18 in Papua New Guinea

Gunmen massacre 18 in Papua New Guinea

A tribal massacre in Papua New Guinea's Hela Province has resulted in the death of at least 16 women and children, media reported, citing Hela Governor Philip Undialu.

"There could be more deaths today", Hela provincial administrator William Bando told AFP on Wednesday.

Grisly photos depicting the aftermath of an ambush killing in the village of Karida in the highland province were shared on Facebook. He said some of them had been chopped into pieces and their body parts were hard to recognise.

Two of the women killed were pregnant.

He said it was probably a revenge attack for an earlier onslaught that left around seven dead, adding: 'This has escalated into the massacre of innocent women and kids'.

In step with the Post-Courier newspaper, the attacks took residing on Saturday and Sunday with six people killed the major day and 16 - including two pregnant ladies - in a retaliatory assault the next day.

It is far one in all the worst outbreaks of tribal violence in PNG for years.

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Expressing shock at the indiscriminate killing of innocent and helpless people, including pregnant women and children, he added: "The State has a responsibility to uphold respect for the rule of law, and protect all persons, particularly the most vulnerable members of society, from the violation of their right to life, and ensure equal protection of the law under the PNG Constitution and worldwide human rights law".

"This is not a tribal fight where the opposing villagers face each other on field", Augwi told the newspaper.

Tribal clashes are a frequent occurrence in Papua New Guinea's highlands, where old rivalries prompted by rape or theft, or disputes over tribal boundaries or resources, often prompt violence.

Radio NZ is reporting the attack on Monday occurred in Tagali local level government area of Hela province's Tari-Pori district, the electorate of Prime Minister James Marape.

"Gun-toting criminals, your time is up", Mr Marape acknowledged.

Marape, who is from the province, said he had been requesting more security for Hela since 2012, which has a population of 400,000.

"To all who have guns and kill and hide behind the mask of community, learn from what I will do to criminals who killed innocent people.I am coming for you".

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