Published: Thu, July 11, 2019
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Buckingham Palace intruder came 'within metres' of sleeping Queen - 'very worrying'

Buckingham Palace intruder came 'within metres' of sleeping Queen - 'very worrying'

Buckingham Palace insiders last night revealed the Queen is to be informed of the incident.

"The man was not found in possession of any offensive weapons and the incident is not being treated as terrorist-related", police said in a statement.

The incident occurred nearly exactly 37 years after labourer Michael Fagan's famous intrusion into the palace on July 9, 1982.

The suspect is in police custody.

The man was able to gain access to the grounds of Buckingham Palace where he allegedly tried to "bang down the doors".

No members of the royal family were at the palace at the time, and the man, who was found shortly before 10.30pm "in an area now open to the public during the day", was arrested for burglary, trespass and criminal damage.

Prince Andrew said: "The police have a hard job to do balancing security for the Royal Family and deterring intruders, and sometimes they get it wrong".

Police said the 22-year-old man had been arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning on suspicion of trespass after climbing into the grounds of the palace.

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The Sun understands the Queen was the only senior royal sleeping at the Palace because of the refurbishment work going on.

An intruder has broken into Buckingham Palace as the Queen slept just metres away.

"He was determined to get inside the palace and was banging down the doors but, thank goodness, this time everything was locked up".

The Queen had just returned home from a trip to Cambridge when the incident took place.

"We are all relieved that the doors were locked this time and he wasn't able to get inside where the Queen was".

Fears are also mounting the intrusion could have been a copycat of Michael Fagan, who famously managed to break into Her Majesty's bedroom exactly 37 years ago.

The break-in was one of the most serious security breaches at the palace since 1982, when Michael Fagan evaded guards to get inside the Queen's private chambers while she was still in bed.

It was the Queen's long-time aide Paul Whybrew - still employed by the Queen to this day - who came to the rescue.

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