Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Rob Manfred responds to Justin Verlander, says Major League Baseball didn't intentionally juice ball

Rob Manfred responds to Justin Verlander, says Major League Baseball didn't intentionally juice ball

"It's a f-ing joke", Verlander said adding that he "100 percent" thinks the balls have been juiced.

As Verlander noted, this is quite rich given that Major League Baseball now owns Rawlings and we're seeing this enormous spike in home runs in the first full season after MLB's purchase of the company. "They own the f***ing company". "I believe that the ball has suddenly changed and I don't know why". Passan reports that they have increased almost 60 percent from the 2014 season.

Verlander said Major League Baseball wanted more offense in the game and juiced the ball to get it. The 2017 record 6,105 homers should be shattered by at least 500 home runs come October.

Manfred acknowledged a difference in the balls, but denied any league involvement.

Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander is not holding back his thoughts on Major League Baseball this season, saying he believes the league is juicing baseballs to increase offense.

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"Baseball has done nothing, given no direction for an adjustment in the baseball", Manfred told the Baseball Writers' Association of America on Tuesday.

But the concept of juicing the baseballs, which always been suspected and accepted for the HRD, has made its way into the realm of the regular season. "Our scientists that have been now studying the baseball more regularly have told us that this year the baseball has a little less drag". If you sat in an owner's meeting and listened to people talk about the way our game is being played, that is not the sentiment among the owners for whom I work.

"The flaw in logic is that baseball wants more home runs", he said.

Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman said he endorsed most of Verlander's take, but unlike Verlander - who said he walks a "tightrope" no matter who is at the plate - claims he doesn't waste time worrying about it.

Shao Yinxin, director of marketing and media for MLB China, said: "By appealing to a younger demographic with games that they enjoy, this will help increase the penetration of baseball into their lives". "How you manipulate a human-dominated handmade manufacturing process in any consistent way, it's a smarter human being than I". "Changing the baseball is a mechanism by which you could manage the way the game is being played. We need to get a little better handle on how each baseball is going to perform before we use it in a season".

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