Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

NBA Commissioner Silver says changes to rules on draft trades possible

NBA Commissioner Silver says changes to rules on draft trades possible

In his annual press conference at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Commissioner Adam Silver said Tuesday that the league must address both the practice of public trade demands and the rules regulating free agency.

Under NBA rules, teams are permitted to begin talking with free agents after 6 p.m. ET on June 30.

"My sense in the room today was that we've got work to do", Silver said. I think that's what teams want to know.

Silver also expressed frustration with players publicly demanding trades. This year's free-agency period, though, put into stark relief just how much of that business is done ahead of time, with basically only Kawhi Leonard's search for a new team lingering past the first 24 hours in which players could agree to contracts with teams. "Enabling the NBA Replay Center to trigger instant replay will improve game flow and provide real-time awareness of any adjustments to the score", Spruell said. "When we step back, what's best for the fan?"

Tampering and trade demands were two of the hottest topics during one of the wildest periods of player movement in National Basketball Association history.

It was an unprecedented period of player movement, and there's no wonder that Silver and the league are monitoring the situation.

"Trade demands are disheartening".

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"It falls in the same category of issues of the so-called rule of law within a sports league". A version of the Coach's Challenge that has been in effect in the NBA G League for the last two seasons and is being used at MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2019 will be adopted in the NBA on a one-year trial basis during the 2019-20 season. They're disheartening to the team. One challenge per game on certain calls, you need a timeout to challenge and, most notable, challenges are initiated by coaches by "twirling" a finger toward a referee after calling timeout.

A team must have a timeout available to issue a challenge.

The Pelicans got lucky and found Zion Williamson in the National Basketball Association draft lottery, giving the team and fans a brand new hope.

From there, Wojnarowski also noted that coaches can challenge "a personal foul charged to coach's team, a called out-of-bounds violation, and goaltending and basket-interference violations".

It can determine if a shot was a 3-point attempt or a 2-pointer or if a fouled shooter should have two or three free throws.

A courtside administrator would be added to the scorer's table to act as a middle-man between the replay center and the crew at the game, along with someone to announce scoring changes.

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