Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Microsoft Releases July 2019 Xbox Update

Microsoft Releases July 2019 Xbox Update

Fortunately, this problem is likely to become a thing of the past thanks to the new Games Pass feature.

The latest firmware update features an especially useful feature: the new Play Later tab, which lets you make a list of games you want to come back to and play at some point. It seems that, while a traditional Xbox console is obviously the preferred route, Microsoft recognizes that not every gamer can invest $249 (about £250, AU$350) in new hardware every few years. Try saying, "Alexa, ask Xbox what's new on Game Pass?".

To enable Alexa support head to System Settings Kinect & devices Digital assistants, then say "Alexa, open Xbox" or find the Xbox Skill in the Alexa app on your smartphone, and then follow the instructions to sign into your Microsoft account and pair the console with your Alexa devices. It acts as a reminder for games you might want to play in the future.

The new Games Pass update also adds new Alexa commands for fans to check out.

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Speaking of Xbox Games Pass, new releases have just been added for July. You can even (quite surprisingly) use the Amazon Alexa Xbox skill as well to ask Alexa to add new games to your list, and have her add new games to the list too. Good news, so have we!

Pair your controller to your Xbox with Alexa. You can ask Alexa who's online, what your friends are playing, and more.

Middle-earth Shadow of War, My Time at Portia and Undertale were added to the service on July 4.

Back in October, right after Microsoft unveiled its Project xCloud game streaming service, Windows Central discovered a Microsoft Research paper describing a prototype mobile controller that could be attached to smartphones and tablets.

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