Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
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Jeremy Corbyn will demand second Brexit referendum

Jeremy Corbyn will demand second Brexit referendum

She announced her resignation last month after failing to get Parliament to back her divorce deal with the EU.

The two candidates in the running to replace her - Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt - have vowed to succeed where she failed and take Britain out of the European Union, even if that means leaving without an agreement on divorce terms and future relations.

The statement from Mr Corbyn signals that Labour will campaign for Remain should the next Tory leader, Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson, hold a second referendum before taking Britain out of the EU.

In that scenario, the choice on the ballot paper would be between Labour's deal and remaining in the EU, the unions said, and how Labour campaigned in a second referendum would depend on the deal negotiated. This included some of the party's biggest affiliated unions. But Corbyn had previously stopped short of saying Labour would campaign for Remain in the event of a referendum being called.

The trade unions wanted more clarity on the general election question yesterday, but Mr Corbyn has resisted, ensuring the freest possible hand going into conference.

Corbyn's letter clarifies the party's position - up to a point. More than half of British companies with foreign staff fear they would be hurt by the government's plans for a post-Brexit immigration system, according to a survey published on Tuesday.

Labour still appears to be a party of in favour of Brexit.

In a general election I, and many like me, will be voting for a remain party.

Simon Johnson, CEO of Jewish Leadership Council, said: "We do not support this booklet in any way as it was not produced in partnership or consultation with the mainstream Jewish community or any expert in antisemitism".

USA billionaire Steyer, fierce Trump foe, enters Democratic White House race
In 2018, NextGen spent $33 million in 11 states on digital ads, registering almost 260,000 voters and getting them to the polls. Elizabeth Warren , swiped at Steyer's wealth in reacting to his candidacy.

Phil Wilson, a Labour former whip who backs the People's Vote campaign, said it was a "positive step forward" but urged Labour to unite with second referendum proponents across the political spectrum.

John Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw, said there was no sign that voters in the party's traditional heartlands in the North and Midlands who backed Leave in the referendum, had changed their minds.

However, Mr Corbyn's statement does not explain what Labour, who have slumped in recent polls, would do if the party won a general election.

"I have made it clear that if I am he next prime minister our ambassador in Washington stays", Hunt said.

A month later, the party ordered its MPs to abstain on an amendment calling for a second referendum, but also told them to back a separate amendment calling for a confirmatory public vote on any Brexit deal.

In this October 20, 2017 photo, British Ambassador Kim Darroch hosts a National Economists Club event at the British Embassy in Washington. May as Conservative Party leader and prime minister.

Trump also renewed criticism of May's handling of Brexit.

"I think it's very important that we have a strong relationship with our most important ally", he said.

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