Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
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Brexit: Ex-PM vows legal action if UK Parliament suspended

Brexit: Ex-PM vows legal action if UK Parliament suspended

Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has been taken to task over his defence of Boris Johnson's comments that Donald Trump is "stupifyingly ignorant" after he criticised British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch's leaked comments about the President's "inept" administration.

That could provoke a constitutional crisis in one of the world's oldest and most stable democracies because parliament is opposed to a disorderly exit, lacking a transition deal to ease the economic dislocation of leaving the bloc.

Major told BBC Radio on Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth would have to approve any request to prorogue parliament.

"If her first minister asks for that permission, it is nearly inconceivable that the Queen will do anything other than granted it".

Major said he believed a "queue of people" would challenge any prorogation in court.

"I think everybody is fed up with delay and I think the idea of now consecrating this decision to the judiciary is really very, very odd indeed", Johnson told reporters.

Mr Boris Johnson, the favourite to become the next United Kingdom prime minister, refused to commit to keeping Britain's ambassador to Washington in his role amid a diplomatic spat that saw US President Donald Trump calling the envoy "a pompous fool".

Hunt said that when parliament had been bypassed "against its will we actually had a civil war".

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But journalists recalling the leaking of 250 000 State Department cables by Wikileaks nine years ago say diplomats should know the internet can not be confidential.

Mr Hunt issued a stark warning about the prospect of suspending Parliament.

Votes in parliament have indicated that a majority of lawmakers are against a no-deal Brexit because of concerns that it would cripple supply chains and damage trade.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who is supporting Mr Johnson's leadership bid, said Sir Kim is an "incredible public servant" who was "doing his job in writing those memos".

"I seem to recall that the Brexiteers, led by Mr Johnson, actually campaigned in the referendum for the sovereignty of Parliament..." The White House has also frozen Sir Kim out of meetings with U.S. officials since the leak. "They can't be concerned for the sovereignty of Parliament except when it is inconvenient to Mr Johnson".

The one thing that did separate the two contenders was Johnson's refusal to rule out suspending parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit, while Hunt said he would not resort to such a move.

"I have chosen to back Boris because he is the best person to deliver Brexit with a deal".

"National leaders look first at the interests of the country, not first at the interests of themselves and appealing to a particular part of a small electorate for a particular post, however important that post may be".

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