Published: Tue, July 09, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

UK's Labour wants second Brexit referendum

UK's Labour wants second Brexit referendum

However, his letter did not go into what Corbyn's own party would do were it to win a general election.

"Labour would campaign for remain against no deal or a damaging Tory Brexit", Corbyn said."We continue to believe Labour's Brexit plan for a customs union is still a sensible alternative".

Jeremy Corbyn today said Labour would campaign to remain in the European Union if there was a second referendum on the current Brexit deal or no deal.

It follows months of dithering over Brexit with Labour claiming to back a second referendum in certain circumstances and failing to make clear whether it would back staying in the EU.

Corbyn, a longtime critic of the European Union, has resisted calls for a second referendum, saying Labour must respect voters' 2016 decision to leave.

The email does not clarify whether Labour would campaign for Remain or Leave should a general election be called.

Tories keep supporting October 31 Brexit while Labour approaches trade unions to gain support for another referendum, blocking no-deal Brexit.

It comes after the country's biggest trade unions published a statement suggesting Labour should seek to negotiate its own Brexit deal, which would then be put to a public vote.

"The Labour leader said that his Shadow Cabinet had agreed that a second referendum was now needed, after the collapse of talks with the Conservative-led government earlier this year".

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A Conservative spokesman said: "Labour promised to respect the Brexit vote, but re-running the referendum and backing remain would be an attempt to frustrate Brexit and ignore the democratic mandate to deliver it".

We need a general election.

Leaders agreed to support a public vote on any deal agreed by a Tory prime minister.

The Liberal Democrats pointed to Labour's lack of clarity on what the party would do if it won control of Parliament in an election.

"The @LibDems are the only party that can get into govt which is 100% committed to stopping Brexit".

Former Labour MP Chuka Umunna, who left the party to join Change UK, before swiftly moving on to become a Liberal Democrat, criticised Mr Corbyn for coming up with "another fudge". "I am surprised that it's even a suggestion from the Labour Party to have it on the ballot".

Labour lawmaker Hilary Benn, who heads Parliament's Brexit Committee, said "this is a very significant moment".

Rather than making a Tory-managed second referendum the focus, the Labour leadership should hold its nerve.

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