Published: Tue, July 09, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

'Exotic' bird was really just seagull covered in curry powder

'Exotic' bird was really just seagull covered in curry powder

But when they brought it safely to the charmingly named Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, it turned out that Cheeto-like color wasn't his natural hue.

Animal hospital staff scrubbed the seagull that was found covered in a bright orange colouring.

As the story goes, the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital received a call from someone who had discovered a odd "orange bird" from the side of the road, one, that upon greater analysis, was merely a gull that fell into some curry.

According to the hospital in Buckinghamshire, UK, the bird had somehow doused himself in curry or tumeric, which prevented him from flying properly. "We have no idea how he got into this predicament but thankfully, apart from the vibrant color and pungent smell, he was healthy", the hospital wrote on Facebook.

After receiving the call, hospital staff had no idea what to expect - only to discover that it was actually a seagull whose feathers had been stained by turmeric.

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Aside from looking mildly traumatized after the bath, Vinny looks great.

Staff at Tiggywinkles have nicknamed the seagull "Vinny" - after a vindaloo curry. Tiggywinkles posted that he'll be recovered enough for release "very soon".

It isn't the first time wildlife specialists have had to treat a curry-soaked bird.

In 2016, another seagull fell into a Value-Added Tax of chicken tikka masala as he tried to enjoy a meal.

"He really surprised everyone here - we had never seen anything like it before", veterinary nurse Lucy Kells told the Guardian. He smelled incredible, he really smelled good.

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