Published: Tue, July 09, 2019
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Bill Gates Likens Steve Jobs' Business Acumen To Casting Spells On People

Bill Gates Likens Steve Jobs' Business Acumen To Casting Spells On People

"I am yet to meet any person who in terms of picking talent, hyper-motivating that talent" who could match Jobs. Gates was recently interviewed by CNN's Fareed Zakaria and the world's second-richest man seemed to be in awe of Steve Jobs. Gates mentioned that he wasn't affected by the spells because he was a minor wizard.

"Every day when Jobs was in the office in Cupertino near the end, he would go at mid-day to that big locked door that went to the design studio, be brought in - everybody else would be ushered out - and he'd walk table to table with Jony [Ive]", Isaacson said.

Apple was nearing bankruptcy with Jobs returned to the company in the 1990s.

Gates said that Jobs was a paragon of not attempting this at home.

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The Microsoft founder said that only Jobs could have taken a dying company like Apple and turned it into the world's most valuable one. But within just a few years, Jobs managed to turn the struggling company around, and by the early 2000s, Apple was making one hit product after the other. "Steve is really a singular case where the company was on a path to die and it goes and becomes the most valuable company in the world with some products that are really quite unbelievable". "I used to be like a minor wizard as a result of he could be casting spells, and I might see people mesmerized, however, because I'm a minor wizard, the spells don't work on me", stated Gates of Jobs.

Jobs died in 2011, months after he resigned from Apple because of complications from pancreatic cancer.

Apple chief design officer Jony Ive who worked at the iPhone maker for nearly 30 years made a decision to move on last month and form an independent design firm called LoveFrom. "There aren't going to be many stories like that". "We counted on each other to work very long hours and I always wanted to set the best example of that. And I think sometimes that went too far". "We're not going to put more money into that" he said.

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