Published: Mon, July 08, 2019
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Ford reveals stunning GT race auto at Goodwood

Ford reveals stunning GT race auto at Goodwood

The Ford GT MkII is limited to just 45 units. Tyre Michelin Pilot Sport GT and the new DSSV dampers have improved the behavior of the machine in the corners that the GT Mk II can take place with the g forces of up to 2G. Ford didn't say how wide the Ford GT Mk II's tires are, but similar-size slicks are used on Ferrari Challenge cars and were used on Viper ACR-X race cars.

The GT Mk II was created to do one thing really well - go fast, really fast. It makes its debut in the Supercar class at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and will be sold directly to customers by Multimatic, the company who build the road vehicle.

Interior changes include a bespoke Sparco racing seat with a six-point racing harness and an optional passenger seat. Instead of steel brake discs that must be installed on the race auto track option has got carbon-ceramic mechanisms. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost is paired with the same seven-speed dual-clutch transmission from the Ford GT but specially calibrated for this track-exclusive application.

To ensure the vehicle keeps working at its best even during heavy track work, the Mk II includes a high-capacity air-to-air charge air cooler with built-in water spray, and a roof-mounted intake feeding air to the auxiliary engine, clutch and transmission coolers.

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Additionally, that roof-mounted intake feeds fresh air to auxiliary coolers for the engine, clutch and transmission, again for optimal cooling when performing the most extreme track day duty. With a grand total of 700 ponies, the Mk II is the most powerful Ford GT ever.

Without WEC or IMSA racing regs to worry about, the Mk II is 200hp up on the Balance of Power-regulated GTE that competed at Le Mans, as well as a not insignificant 44hp up on its roadgoing counterpart.

With all these parts on, the GT is said to develop 400 percent more downforce than the series model. Ford didn't say if the Mk II would surpass the Shelby GT500 Mustang's 760 hp to become its most powerful production vehicle. The normal GT's adjustable ride-height and drive modes are cut for a weight savings of almost 200 lbs.

The first attempt to revive the GT legend came in 1995 with the futuristically designed Ford GT90 concept auto. A Brembo carbon ceramic set derived from the GT street auto. While the road auto comes with an adjustable ride height & drive mode setup, the GT Mk II ditches it for fixed ride height, resulting in a weight loss of around 90kg. At a minimum of $1.2 million a pop, that comes out to at least $54 million in automotive muscle, as every single model will undoubtedly find a buyer. A full MoTeC data acquisition system has also been added to provide vital performance info and it doubles as a display for the rear camera. Turns out, this special edition, of which only a small number will be produced, is targeted at customers who can pony up more than $1 million for a supercar that's not street legal but designed specifically for track use, explained a Ford official, "so they can feel like they're at Le Mans".

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