Published: Sun, July 07, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Xbox app updates on iOS and Android with advanced messaging features

Xbox app updates on iOS and Android with advanced messaging features

Over 10 million people have been deceived by a fake app called "Updates for Samsung".

Oh, and by the way, the report indicates that Apple's iOS App Store revenues were 80 per cent higher than Google's Play's gross numbers.

With over 10 million installs, this is the flawless app Google needs to disable. Having an app such as this that fools users is a big problem as it leads people to think there is a cost for firmware updates and many decide they don't want to pay for the update and stop updating their smartphone.

"Besides being stuffed with advertisement frameworks and not being affiliated with Samsung (yet distributing their firmware), the app offers paid subscriptions for the downloads of the said firmware", Kuprins wrote. But unlike most fake apps, the CSIS Security Group did not find the app attempting to push any malware onto the phone.

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The second approach - exploiting the fact that firmware updates are hard to come by - appears to be what has made the app "Updates for Samsung - Android Update Versions" so popular. The same thing happened with an app named "Updates for Samsung" which promises firmware updates, but its nothing else than a scam tool that's meant to trick Samsung phone owners into paying the developer.

Kuprins states, "During our tests, we too have observed that the downloads don't finish, even when using a reliable network". This poses a threat to users as their payment data may get intercepted or logged by third-party sites rather than being encrypted by Google's secure and protected payment channel. The app reportedly also lets you unlock any SIM for $19.99. "However, when the app is open - it does display a lot of full-screen advertisements, nearly after every other tap on the screen".

According to the report from CSIS, the app also offered an annual subscription which allowed firmware downloading for Samsung at $34.99. Understandably, monitoring millions of apps might be hard for Google but that just proves how easily such apps can get through the initial process while making their way to the Google Play Store.

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