Published: Sun, July 07, 2019
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Stranger Things' Maya Hawke Has Two Very Famous Parents!

Stranger Things' Maya Hawke Has Two Very Famous Parents!

News, she admitted it was her famous parents, actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, who first got into the show, and urged their daughter to watch it.

In this post, we will be talking about Maya Hawke.

Robin becomes close friends with Steve over the course of the Season 3 summer when the pair work together at Scoops Ahoy, and ice cream shop in the Starcourt mall.

One of the best parts of Stranger Things season 3 is new character Robin, played by Maya Hawke. These two were married from 1998 through 2005.

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You may recognise Maya from her starring role in the 2017 BBC adaptation of Little Women, in which she played Jo March. She will also appear in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

It has been reported that her co-workers have been crushing on her, which gives birth to a show within the show.

That little reunion isn't the only connection Maya has to her new castmate.

"And what I would only say is a component of the chaos and fun of this specific series, which is that although the Duffers and the writers room and we producers are outlining the whole season, the Duffers are really revisiting the writing process, reassessing and questioning all of their preceding assumptions", Levy said. In a recent interview with the EW, the Stranger Things' star revealed a lot about herself, and we have gathered all the details and information about the interview, so here is everything you need to know. I know many missed out on numerous high school productions - heck I even missed a few and I'm her father. But Ladies & Gentleman, get to know MAYA HAWKE. Then, she found out that Steve and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) were trying to translate and decode a secret Russian message, and she unwittingly signed on for an adventure that took the group underground into a secret Russian base, where the military was trying to reopen the gate to the Upside Down, a thing which she had never heard of. "They were fans of the show before I was", Hawke told E!

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