Published: Sun, July 07, 2019
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Mercedes Partners With BMW on Autonomous Driving Technology

Mercedes Partners With BMW on Autonomous Driving Technology

The two world renowned automotive companies, BMW Group and Daimler AG, have signed a long-term partnership to co-develop automated driving technology.

They plan to sell cars equipped with so-called level-4 self-driving technology, meaning the vehicles could manage motorway driving and parking without intervention from the driver, who will remain behind the wheel.

Daimler AG is now working series development projects not only for specific Level 3 but also for Level 4 and 5 vehicles as well.

Earlier this week, BMW and Daimler, along with nine other companies, released a whitepaper titled "Safety First for Automated Driving".

Some 1,200 technicians from the two German auto giants will team up in a bid to develop self-driving technology.

It not only covers all relevant safety methods for Level 3/4 SAE automated driving, but also introduces a traceability system, which extends from the primary goal - being safer than the average driver - right down to the individual safety objectives of the various components.

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The research for developing the automated driving technology would involve more than 1,200 specialists from both vehicle makers working together at different sites across Germany.

BMW and Daimler have both been working on autonomous technology for several years. The document, which focuses on driverless technology, was elaborated with the contribution of Audi, Volkswagen, Baidu, Continental, Aptiv, Intel, Infineon, Fiat Chrysler, and Here Technologies.

"It is important to us that the partnership does not only remain with two parties and therefore the non-exclusive cooperation is open to further partners", a BMW spokesperson told Xinhua on Thursday. Daimler is starting a pilot for self-driving vehicles in urban areas this year with partner Robert Bosch.

The timeline seems to be moving along rapidly, but the brands haven't forgotten about the most important thing when it comes to self-driving cars: safety. Cutting edge agile software development is used at the Campus to speed up the development of the platform and set new industry standards.

They collect data in order to improve machine learning with artificial intelligence through simulations and test new Level 2-5 functions out on the road.

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