Published: Sat, July 06, 2019
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Boy or Girl? Shay Mitchell Is Having a…

Boy or Girl? Shay Mitchell Is Having a…

The Pretty Little Liars and You star is expecting a baby girl with her partner Matte Babel, and she hasn't been shy about sharing her pregnancy on social media since her initial announcement in June.

The two Power Rangers engage in an entertaining play-fight until one emerged victorious. the pink ranger.

While they both thought they were having a boy, Mitchell said she is "obviously" happy it is a girl.

The couple had Mitchell's assistant, Liz, organize the unique gender reveal, which they filmed for a video titled, "Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home", and posted on the actress' YouTube channel. Wait, what... we're not having twins, ' she shouted upon seeing the second Power Ranger appear.

Soon after that the two characters started battling in front of the actor and her boyfriend Matte Babel.

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The actress is now six-months-pregnant, meaning her baby will arrive sometime in the autumn, has shared another update with her fans. Why, you ask? Well, it had to do with Power Rangers and water.

"Oh my god, everybody freaking knew!" "My parents would just look at me and be like, 'It's karma bitch.' It's a boy".

After rough housing in the yard and even jumping into a fountain, the pink Ranger wins and runs to sit on Shay's lap, revealing she has a girl on the way.

"Power Rangers. Never in the history of gender reveals have I seen Power Rangers", she says, while Babel sits there mesmerized by the fight scene. In the beginning of the video she said, "I truly think I am having boy because, ugh, just the retribution of having a girl".

Last week, Shay shocked everyone by revealing she was months into her pregnancy.

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