Published: Fri, July 05, 2019
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Virgin Atlantic Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Fire

Virgin Atlantic Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Fire

An overnight Virgin Atlantic flight from NY to London was forced into making an emergency landing after a phone charger triggered a fire on-board.

The flight was traveling from NY to London.

As reported by the BBC, one passenger, Maria, disputes that the fire had been caused by a charger.

Before the passengers deplaned, firefighters inspected the fire.

The Massachusetts Police said in a statement that State Police spotted wires that seem to be protruding from the "area of fire" and they also said that officers "examined a device located between the cushions of the seat that ignited". It said the flames may have come from a passenger seat that had an electrical malfunction.

All 217 passengers on Flight 138 from NY as well as the crew were safely evacuated after landing.

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Tanner said that a flight attendant told him that the smoke was from a TV unit that caught fire, but the Massachusetts State Police discovered that an external phone charger could be the culprit.

Passenger Cory Tanner, 28, said he smelled smoke coming from the first class cabin "not even 30 minutes" after the plane took off.

The investigation of the Virgin Atlantic flight is ongoing, law enforcement officials said.

"The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our top priority and we are now investigating to fully understand the circumstances", the company said.

"For people asking. Was told there was a fire and we would have an emergency landing shortly".

Information from Flightaware shows that the flight diverted back towards Boston around 25 minutes after taking off from JFK, eventually landing at Logan worldwide airport at around 20:52 EDT. Earlier, an American Airlines plane from Chicago declared an emergency as it approached the city.

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