Published: Fri, July 05, 2019
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Stranger Things portals are appearing in Fortnite’s Mega Mall

Stranger Things portals are appearing in Fortnite’s Mega Mall

For now, the portals appear to be the only new addition as part of Epic Games' collaboration with Netflix. Following the streaming platform's suggestion in an E3 Coliseum event last month that we might be seeing more of a tie-in soon, some players have now spotted something exciting - portals very similar to those seen in the show have started appearing in Fortnite's Mega Mall.

Just in case you haven't looked anywhere else on the internet today, Stranger Things season three has just landed on Netflix.

You may recall that everyone at Epic is having two week's off so there's no official information about the event, but we do know that Stranger Things style portals have appeared in the Mega Mall.

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The portals appear to let players teleport to other destinations in the Mega Mall area, though it's not yet clear if these are fixed or random.

Several data miners found new Stranger Things inspired skins Thursday morning. It seems the folks over at Epic Games are excited for the new season's arrival, as it's now hosting a crossover event with the hit Netflix show in Fortnite.

Down below, you can check out a few of the new skins, including one of Hopper and another of the Demogorgon. And that's a big deal apparently, because everyone's getting in on Stranger Things-flavoured activities, even Microsoft. Use code FortniteINTEL in the Item Shop if you'd like to support us!

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