Published: Wed, July 03, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Korean president says Trump-Kim border meeting amounted to end of hostilities

Korean president says Trump-Kim border meeting amounted to end of hostilities

-North Korean summit at the Korean border an end of mutual hostility between the countries, despite skepticism that it's was a just made-for-TV moment that lacked any substance.

The US hardman became the first sitting US President to cross the infamous DMZ - dividing North and South Korea - as he attempts, once again, to get Pyongyang tyrant Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table.

During their third summit at the Korean Demilitarized Zone on Sunday, Trump and Kim agreed to resume nuclear talks. He also called the summit "the fruits of awesome imagination", saying it was arranged due to Trump's "unprecedented" Twitter offer for a meeting and Kim's "bold" decision to accept it.

Xi visited North Korea prior to meeting Trump at the G20 in Japan on Saturday.

However, this meeting was much less formal than the previous summits in Hanoi and Singapore, with the USA president appearing to first float the idea via Twitter.

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He acknowledged that no document was signed but said that Trump and Kim had declared the "beginning of the end of hostile relations and a new era of peace by their actions". After walking together toward north several meters (several feet), they turned back to the South for a summit that lasted about 50 minutes.

South Korean media, citing unidentified military officials, quickly speculated that it was likely be a North Korean helicopter flying across the border into South Korea.

Trump's first meeting with Kim previous year was also historic in that it was the first time that a sitting US president ever met face-to-face with a top North Korean leader. I want this summit to lead to the negotiators, not the president.

For right now, the meeting between Trump and Kim amounts to nothing more than an historic photo-op and yuge propaganda coup for the North Korean leader Trump once dismissed as little Rocketman. Moon's government has also said it hopes the diplomatic momentum created by the latest Trump-Kim meeting would help revive inter-Korean dialogue.

Quoting experts, . the article suggested Washington needs to have a shared understanding with Pyeongyang on the detailed conditions of denuclearization and secure a better assessment of the regime's nuclear weapons inventory. Some 28,500 American troops are stationed in the South.

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