Published: Wed, July 03, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Iranian president says Iran to increase purity of enriched uranium

Iranian president says Iran to increase purity of enriched uranium

"We have chose to stop observing the JCPOA limit of 3.6 percent, but we will decide about the enrichment level according to Iran's requirements and necessities", the Iranian FM said.

The enrichment maximum set in the agreement is sufficient for power generation but far below the more than 90 percent level required for a nuclear warhead.

As part of the JCPOA, the European Union was obliged to remove economic and financial sanctions, with the removal of sanctions and re-integration of Iran into trade frameworks the key driver behind its cooperation is dismantling its nuclear program.

At a separate ceremony earlier on Tuesday, Netanyahu said that a Mossad operation to obtain documents from Iran providing "proof" of Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions was aimed at convincing Trump to quit the deal. "We will act on the JCPOA 100 percent the day that the other party acts 100 percent (too)".

Iran has sought to pressure the remaining signatories - China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russian Federation - to save the deal.

The head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard has said the United States is anxious about the prospect of war with Tehran and has instead pursued an economic conflict.

If the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal with world powers do not fulfil their promises, then the Arak nuclear reactor will return to its previous activities after July 7, Rouhani said.

He added the measures could be reversed in "hours" if the other parties "live up to their commitments".

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Three churches and three luxury hotels in Colombo were hit by suicide bombers who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group. Pujith Jayasundara was the IGP at the time of the attacks and Hemasiri Fernando was the Defence Secretary.

PARIS - Iran will gain nothing by departing from the terms of its nuclear agreement, said the French foreign ministry on Wednesday, responding to Tehran's declaration that it will boost the enrichment level of its uranium.

The latest development comes after an global security expert said a war between Iran and the United States could last just a single day.

His adviser, Hesamodin Ashena, warned Trump against listening to hawks in his administration, hinting aggression against Iran could make him a "one-term president". But Iran says it can't be forced to negotiate while its economy and - more recently - its leaders are targeted by the U.S.

Russian Federation voiced regret but said the move was a effect of United States pressure, which has pushed the deal towards collapse.

"We regret this decision by Iran, which calls into question an essential instrument of nuclear non-proliferation", the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Britain said in a joint statement with the EU's High Representative on Iran.

But Rouhani has dismissed the mechanism as "hollow", saying it was useless to Iran because it failed to provide for the financing of purchases of Iranian oil.

Just after dawn on July 3, 1988, the USS Vincennes sent a helicopter to hover over Iranian speedboats the Navy described as harassing commercial ships.

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