Published: Tue, July 02, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Seven killed as mass demos rock Sudan

Seven killed as mass demos rock Sudan

"Freedom and Change. incited protesters to go toward the republican palace (prompting) police forces to use tear gas to disperse protesters", General Jamal Omer said in a video posted on the ruling military council's Facebook page.

Security forces fired tear gas on protesters in the northern Khartoum district of Bari and in Mamura and Arkweit, in the capital's east, as protesters chanted "Civilian rule!"

Sudan's main opposition coalition on Monday announced plans to step up protests this month to pressure the military council to hand over power to civilians, and blamed the council for the death of nine people during Sunday's demonstrations.

A Sudanese protester covers his face in a mass demonstration against ruling generals in Khartoum.

The generals seized power after the army toppled Bashir in April following nationwide protests against his ironfisted three-decade rule.

Dozens tearfully chanted, "Down with military rule" and "Blood for blood, we will not accept blood money" near the bodies that were covered in flags.

Marchers also passed by the homes of those killed on June 3 as onlookers cheered and motorists honked horns.

Largely cut off from the internet, the FFC organized mass demonstrations across the country to seek justice for those killed in the Rapid Support Forces' violent disruption of the opposition's sit-in on June 3, when more than 100 reportedly died across the country.

They "also ordered all the people there to leave the building", he added.

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Sudanese political analyst Salah Aldoma said the coming wave of protests is crucial because recent violence has erased any trust in the military council.

Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, deputy head of the military council, said the generals want to reach an "urgent and comprehensive agreement with no exclusion".

The SPA described the protest as "monumental and unique".

Protesters in Khartoum were marching towards the defence ministry when security services fired shots in the air, a witness told the Reuters news service.

Senior State Department officials have suggested Washington would consider all options, including possible sanctions if there was more violence used by Sudanese security forces against peaceful demonstrators.

The generals insist it did not order the dispersal of the sit-in, but acknowledge "excesses" after orders were given to purge a nearby area allegedly a notorious hotspot for drug dealers.

The council has warned it would hold the protest movement "entirely responsible if any soul is lost" in Sunday's protests.

Ethiopia and the AU have now proposed a blueprint for a civilian-majority body, which the generals say could be a basis for resuming talks.

It also demanded an "immediate" transfer of power to a civilian-led transitional government that would include a Cabinet, legislative body and a sovereign council - the last composed of civilian and military members with limited symbolic powers.

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