Published: Tue, July 02, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Iran passes 300 kilogram limit on low-enriched uranium

Iran passes 300 kilogram limit on low-enriched uranium

"It was a mistake under the Iran nuclear deal to allow Iran to enrich uranium at any level", the White House said in a statement.

Netanyahu warned that Iran's move to break limits on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium is a "significant step toward making a nuclear weapon".

The UK foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said he was "very worried" by the Iranian move, but he did not refer to any plan to activate the deal's formal dispute resolution mechanism, a staged process that could end with European Union sanctions being reimposed in as little as 65 days.

Iran announced its intention to stop abiding by some commitments under the nuclear deal in May, a year after the United States decision to withdraw from the accord and reimpose sanctions. Still, Britain's commitment to the accord "relies on Iran complying with the full terms of the deal", James Slack told reporters. European countries opposed the USA withdrawal and have repeatedly urged Iran to abide by the deal.

The deal limited Iran's uranium enrichment in exchange for an easing of worldwide sanctions.

The diplomat also said the United States called four U.N. Security Council meetings previous year in an attempt to form a consensus against Iran.

"You compare the situation in early 2018 - before USA withdrawal from the nuclear deal - to what we have today: it's a totally different story".

You really have - you know, you have a US president with no clear strategy, an Iranian supreme leader with only one clear strategy, which is resistance against America.

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And it comes at a time of military escalation between Iran and its traditional foes - the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia - following a series of incendiary incidents in the region. After abandoning Obama's nuclear deal, the president seemed to be taking a more aggressive posture toward the country, ending oil waivers to the economic sanctions imposed against the country and sending troops to the Middle East in response to growing tensions.

"He added, "'We're about ready to go.' No, but they would have been pretty soon.

In May, the country quadrupled its production of the material, which is used to make nuclear reactor fuel - and potentially nuclear weapons. "That is why they resorted to economy as the last trick in their disposal".

Iran claims its nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes, including power generation.

Ryan Bohl, a political analyst at the USA risk company Stratfor, said Tehran was banking on the breach being "small enough and justified", and counting on delayed and divided reaction from Europe to protect it from major repercussions. In 2018, Trump unilaterally abandoned the JCPOA treaty, drawing criticism from Iran as well as the other signatories to the historic deal.

President Trump has said Iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon and has waged what USA officials call a maximum-pressure campaign against the country's economy, leveling sanctions on the oil industry and top officials and building up its military presence in the Persian Gulf.

Britain urged Iran to abide by the accord, with Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt saying he was "deeply worried" by the development. And before it ever happened I was against going into Iraq. However, foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that the actions that Iran had taken were "reversible".

The move marked Iran's first major step beyond the terms of the pact since the United States pulled out of it more than a year ago.

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