Published: Tue, July 02, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Dalai Lama says Trump 'lacks moral principle'

Dalai Lama says Trump 'lacks moral principle'

"If a female Dalai Lama comes, she should be more attractive", he confirmed to Vaidyanathan.

He said that a female Buddhist leader would not be "much use" unless she was good-looking, echoing similar remarks he made in 2015.

The Dalai Lama comment on woman successor didn't go down well with netizens as he has brutally trolled on the various social media platform. He said that real beauty is inner beauty but also emphasised on the outer appearance.

"But we're human beings".

While others disagreed and believed the Dalai Lama was joking.

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Such words of disgrace for women and refugees from a spiritual leader are surely not acceptable. "But I think (there is a) lack of moral principle". His interview, however, had some positive points as well when he openly criticized US President, Donald Trump's actions and said: "His emotions are a little bit too complicated".

"When he became president, he expressed America first".

The Dalai Lama has also weighed into the European immigration debate during the wide-ranging interview. "That is wrong. America, they should take global responsibility".

When asked about the influx of African refugees and migrants entering Europe, Dalai Lama answered that Europe should take them in, and provide them education and training but should eventually send them back to their homeland or only a "limited number" be allowed to stay in the continent.

His comments have caused a stir online, with one Twitter user writing: "Nothing like a touch of spiritual sexism to kickstart the day". "Also impossible." The comments by the Nobel Peace Prize victor created an uproar on Twitter, with many users questioning the "irony" in his statement since he is a refugee himself. "Also impossible", he told the BBC in the interview published Thursday.

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