Published: Mon, July 01, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Hong Kong protesters clash with police as summer of discontent continues

Hong Kong protesters clash with police as summer of discontent continues

June 18, 2019 - Lam signals the end of the controversial bill but refuses to step down or say the bill is withdrawn.

"Hong Kong is not China", read another.

The U.S. expects "China like every other country to adhere to its global obligations", Bolton said.

Under the principle of "one country, two systems", Hong Kong has benefited from China's reform and opening-up and has enjoyed greater room for growth and development in social, economic and livelihood areas, Lam said.

"And even Hong Kong now has no freedom", a protest supporter named Mrs. Luo, 72, told McCarthy.

Their demands include a complete withdrawal of the bill, revoking the term "riot" to describe protests on 12 June, releasing all detained activists, and investigations into police violence. Protesters then began attacking the dozens of tall, thin metal bars that make up a fence on the building's exterior wall. He also refused to grant any new export licences for crowd control equipment that could be used by Hong Kong police.

More than 80 people were injured in a standoff between police and protesters earlier this month, drawing the ire of many in Hong Kong who turned up in a large rally days later to denounce what they consider police violence and brutality against young students. Opponents say the changes would put them at the mercy of Chinese courts, controlled by the Communist Party, with a record of arbitrary detentions, torture and other human rights violations.

Thousands of people rallied to back the police on Sunday in heavy rain and sweltering heat of around 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 Fahrenheit). Hundreds of people waited on Victoria Park's lawn, after getting the go-ahead from CHRF.

After massive protests, the local government postponed the reading of the proposed amendment to extradition ordinance, while no date has been given for a vote on the bill.

A supporter holds a flag as he attends a rally to show their support for the police amid criticisms for its alleged mishandling of an anti-extradition protest, in Hong Kong, China June 30, 2019. Some protesters used metal poles as battering rams and broke through the glass doors, smashing the building's entrance and forcing an emergency evacuation. After they managed to get the cart wedged into the damaged panel, police grabbed the cart away from them.

Following is a timeline of the key dates around the extradition bill and the protests it triggered.

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The unexpected disruption stalled the start of the march Monday.

Police asked the marchers to change their route or cancel the march.

The July 1 anniversary has been marred by deepening dissatisfaction among many residents about what many see as increasing meddling by China in Hong Kong and the erosion of freedoms.

Police take charge against protesters.

Several hundred demonstrators sat or napped Monday in the shade of a covered outdoor plaza that has becoming their gathering point.

Police fired pepper spray to disperse the protest ahead of a flag raising ceremony in the city, while demonstrators responded by raising the Hong Kong flag and a black flag at half mast.

The turmoil comes at a delicate time for Beijing, which is grappling with a trade dispute with the United States, a faltering economy and tensions in the South China Sea.

"This has made me fully realise that I, as a politician, have to remind myself all the time of the need to grasp public sentiment accurately". Lacking faith in the Beijing-backed Lam, they're renewing their calls for direct democracy in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has marked the 22nd anniversary of the former British colony's return to China, as police faced off with protesters outside the venue.

Protesters in Hong Kong took over the legislature's main building Monday night, tearing down portraits of legislative leaders and spray painting pro-democracy slogans on the walls of the main chamber. Hong Kong leaders, mainland China representatives and invited guests watched the ceremony on a screen inside the city's cavernous convention center instead of outside as they normally do. The government cited inclement weather after light rain fell earlier in the morning.

Eventually, the demonstrations forced the government to apologise and suspend the planned extradition law.

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