Published: Mon, July 01, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Controlled explosions demolish remains of collapsed Italy bridge

Controlled explosions demolish remains of collapsed Italy bridge

The collapse has made access to Genoa's busy port more hard and has also meant a lengthy detour for drivers wanting to head onwards to southern France.

Other homes, directly beneath one of the bridge's spans, had been evacuated immediately after the August 14, 2018, collapse.

A year after the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa demolition experts are preparing to blow up its remains.

A section of the viaduct, built in the 1960s with reinforced concrete and strengthened in the 1990s, gave way on August 14, sending cars and trucks hurtling 50 meters to the ground.

Around 3,400 people living in the vicinity were evacuated ahead of the blast on 28 June, which, thanks to 550kg of explosives placed at strategic points, brought the structure down in about six seconds.

Minutes before the booming explosions, sirens rang out and water was spray in huge plumes onto the structure from tanks all around the base, to control dust.

The incident shocked Italy and paved way to a debate about the safety of the country's infrastructure.

The dismantling of the bridge's remains started in February.

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Relations between Turkey and the United States have deteriorated in recent months because of Ankara's S-400 deal with Moscow. Relations between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have become strained. "And he bought it".

The bridge "is high, it is big, it is full of iron, it is super heavy. Apart from the dust it will cause, I am anxious about the impact", resident Francesco Russo had told AFP TV on Thursday.

Rendering of the replacement bridge.

World-famed architect Renzo Piano, a Genoa native, has designed a replacement bridge which will feature 43 lamps dotting the span in tribute to those who died when a stretch of road gave way, plunging into the dry riverbed below, during a fierce thunderstorm.

The group would therefore be unable to take part in the rescue of troubled national airline Alitalia, he said.

Business leaders and politicians on both left and right accused Di Maio of triggering market speculation.

Mr Salvini on Friday voiced support for Atlantia as a company "that employs thousands of people, is listed on the stock exchange and has a turnover of dozens of billions of euros".

"The serious breach (of responsibility) is an objective fact, we can not pretend that nothing has happened", he said.

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