Published: Sun, June 30, 2019
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Putin and Trump call for diplomatic settlement of tensions around Iran: Lavrov

Putin and Trump call for diplomatic settlement of tensions around Iran: Lavrov

In an interview with the Financial Times newspaper, Putin said German Chancellor Angela Merkel had erred by adopting a liberal policy toward immigration from the Middle East.

Relations between the two countries have been sour for years, worsening after Russian Federation annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and backed Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian war.

When asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent opinion that Western-style liberalism had "become obsolete", Trump responded as though Putin was speaking about liberals in America's West and not about the democracies in Europe and America, commonly referred to as Western-style liberalism. "Every crime must have its punishment", Putin said in the interview.

He wants the media - and everyone watching - to know that he's just going through the motions, that he doesn't really believe that he needs to tell Putin not to involved Russian Federation in future elections.

Putin also addressed improving the U.S. -Russia relationship. "Trump's critics will likely conclude that he refuses to see the seriousness of defending USA elections from a foreign government, hence his offhanded response".

Sir Elton told the BBC in 2015 he wanted to meet Mr Putin to discuss LGBT rights, criticising what he called the president's "ridiculous" attitude.

Increasing heat and humidity for holiday week
Not every town will see one but any storm that develops could pack a punch with strong winds, heavy rain and frequent lightning. Heat ramps up on Sunday as Grand Strand temperatures climb into the lower 90s and the Pee Dee reaches the middle 90s.

But he added: "Some things do appear excessive to us". The two spoke informally at the event, and at a lunch in Paris earlier that month.

"We should wait until it's over and then could deal with it", he said.

The former secretary said he had not received any instructions from President Donald Trump or anyone else in the White House before meeting with Putin.

"There are all kinds of things now - they came up with six or five genders: transformers, trans..." Trump said they talked about a new accord to limit nuclear arms that could eventually include China.

Earlier this year, rights activists in Russian Federation reported a new crackdown on gays in Chechnya in which at least two people have died and about 40 people have been detained.

Russian Federation is under punitive sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union and wants them lifted.

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