Published: Sun, June 30, 2019
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Location History, Web, App & Search Privacy Update

Location History, Web, App & Search Privacy Update

There will be a new feature "Choose to delete automatically" that will give you two options - three months and 18 months.

That feature is now live, and it's available for Web & App Activity, along with Location data. Local tracking, web and app activity history on Google persists. unless users delete it by themselves.

You will have to reach the Google Account section and look for an entry Web & App Activity to reach the point where you can set the period for which the data may stay.

Privacy and security are of ever-increasing importance, especially when large companies like Google store so much of our personal data.

Google first announced this feature back in May at its developer conference, Google I/O and at the time they stated that location history could help users by providing better recommendations, for example like suggesting a restaurant. If you select any of the former options, any of your older data will be deleted automatically.

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To reciprocate some of the damage, Google is now introducing a way to allow users to auto-delete their app activity. So you don't have a black and white choice anymore - of either not letting the search giant collect any of this data at all, or having it keep everything forever (until you manually delete what it's stored). In fact, large companies are scrutinized regularly for tracking user's location history and web/internet activity.

And all of those settings only affect Google's consumer-facing records and personalisation. You can then choose either 3 months or 18 months for your automatic deletion cycle.

We all use Google.

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