Published: Sun, June 30, 2019
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Google Stadia Games Probably Won't Be Any Cheaper

Google Stadia Games Probably Won't Be Any Cheaper

This was especially true for Google Stadia as not only are games digital but also only accessible via streaming. They will not be cheaper. "I don't know why it would be cheaper", he said, and he's kind of right. "The value you get from the game on Stadia means you can play it on any screen in your life - TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone". So while Google hopes Stadia will be viewed on an even plane next to PC and consoles, it's entirely possible publishers will price their games down to a more acceptable range if it's warranted. It shouldn't also include any sort of game discounts, at least not as long as the games aren't created specifically for Stadia. The biggest of those questions was how much it would cost to play individual games on Stadia.

"It's a bit hard for me to say what the prices will be right now", Harrison revealed. "Those are first examples of innovations that will, over time, mean that streaming games will have these advantages that players will gravitate towards".

We'll for sure have more news on Stadia as we draw closer to its Founder's launch in November, so stay tuned. "But we're obviously going to be very aware of prevailing prices in the marketplace", he said.

Stadia pre-orderers, are you concerned about your data cap? But unfortunately Google has disclosed that there will not be any beta test in route according to GamesRadar's interaction with Google's vice president and head of Stadia Phil Harrison.

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For a $10 monthly fee, one will able to get access to a selection of games as part of their subscription, and in 4K as well. The non-subscription version will limit you to 1080p resolution, and you won't be able to access the library of free games.

Google have previously detailed how Stadia bridges the gap between playing and watching video games, and Harrison used Ghost Recon Breakpoint as an example to reiterate the company's plans.

But pricing games (and other media) has been complicated ever since digital platforms rose to prominence.

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