Published: Sat, June 29, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Valve tweaks Steam Summer Sale meta game after Wishlists confusion

Valve tweaks Steam Summer Sale meta game after Wishlists confusion

If you hopped on Steam to check out the Summer Sale only to be confused by the complex Steam Grand Prix mini-game at the core of it all, you definitely aren't alone. This year too steams sale on games has started as it also helps some not-so-known studios to come into the limelight. Moreover, at the end of each day, three random members from the winning team will get free games.

This has apparently caused some confusion among users, who seem to think that deleting games off of their wishlists (i.e. "updating" them) will give them a better chance of being rewarded with a more desirable or expensive game.

Update: In a Steam blog post that went live right after this story, Valve clarified how free games are awarded in the Grand Prix game by confirming that if you're drawn as a victor, you'll be given the top item on your wishlist.

A 2018 Gamasutra post by Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games explains why wishlisting is so important for indie developers. Many indie developers track Wishlists activity to forecast when they can stimulate sales by offering discounts. That especially includes lower-cost indie titles - you know, those developed by people who aren't usually blessed with beds of cash to sleep on.

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These are just a few examples, but that last little threaded tweet from WinderWorlves Games seems to settle on the nub of the issue.

The Driver's Dash and Manual have been clarified so they're easier to understand. Moreover, you can also buy things with your race tokens, such as steam chat emoticons, profile backgrounds and Steam Grand Prix 2019 badge which will help you to increase your steam level. Did you remove any games from your wishlist?

"To clarify one point: if your team makes it to the podium and you are randomly chosen to win something off your Steam Wishlist, then we'll grant you the top item", Valve wrote.

While we applaud Valve for trying something a bit different, it's a shame that the overly complex nature of the Steam Grand Prix event has detracted from the genuinely impressive deals that are available in the Steam Summer Sale. Time will tell, but for now, head over to Steam and see if it's any easier to make sense of Grand Prix.

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