Published: Sat, June 29, 2019
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Spider-Man director reacts to Gwyneth Paltrow forgetting she was in Homecoming

Spider-Man director reacts to Gwyneth Paltrow forgetting she was in Homecoming

"At one point I was supposed to be in it", Holland says in the above clip. It's fun like Spider-Man: Homecoming was fun! For example, Peter Parker's journey [in Spider-Man: "Homecoming] is a lot about balancing being a teenager and having this other part of your life", he explained.

Spider-Man returns to theaters next week in "Spider-Man: Far From Home", an adventure that sees Peter Parker facing a new adventure in Europe.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. Peter not only has to save the world, but also deal with the responsibility of being Tony Stark's heir apparent. If you neglect what you're supposed to do and only serve yourself, Uncle Ben dies.

The advent of the MCU has brought Iron Man, Captain America and Thor to the forefront of audience awareness, but Spider-Man, with all his adolescent frailties and wiseacre nature, has always been the most iconic of all Marvel heroes, as befitting the signature creation of the late Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. There was a slew of actors [possibly up for the part], and I was one of them. It might be a brief scene but it could be something to look forward to next week.

Even so, it still remains to be seen whether Far From Home will at least include some sort of Easter egg to the co-creator of everything from the Fantastic Four, to the X-Men, and, yes, everyone's favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man. Fans outside of those four landmark cities can use a standalone (non-geotargeted) Spider-Man selfie lens that goes live today (June 28). Well Holland, who's now busy with Far From Home press, has revealed he was pretty close. What I mean by that is how some scenes run on just a little too long even though there's nothing wrong with the content of the scene.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ makes an appearance in the wild
However, these features aren't automatically accessible and you have to reset the camera settings to use them. Now, images of its successor, purportedly called the Galaxy Watch Active 2 have been leaked online.

It just ended up not being necessary to the flow of the movie. I can never get enough of my favorite celebrities strutting in their incredible ensembles, hanging out, chatting and posing for photos (which I typically add to every mood board ever).

I heard the same thing.

Here's how the experience works: When Snapchat users are near any of the four landmarks, a Spider-Man icon will appear in their Lens carousel.

"The truth of the matter is, in the end, he's (Maguire) Spider-Man". It means we'll get over a decade's worth of movies with him.

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