Published: Sat, June 29, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

New Twitch mode lets streamers run 'subscriber only' broadcasts

New Twitch mode lets streamers run 'subscriber only' broadcasts

Non-subscribers who happen upon a Subscriber Stream will be able to preview the content and decide whether they want to subscribe.

"If you are not a current subscriber of a channel broadcasting a Subscriber Stream, you can still tune in for a free preview", Twitch said.

Today Twitch announced Subscriber Streams, a new feature that essentially locks specific streams behind a paygate.

Here's what Subscriber Stream looks like.

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The idea is pretty simple: established streamers (you need have streamed on 90 days as an affiliate or partner without a ban) can now host subscriber-only shows, and these streams will be designated by a little star that lets you know they're semi-exclusive. A topical point: one popular gaming streamer, Dr Disrespect, was recently suspended for streaming live video from a public bathroom, seemingly without the consent of the other people there.

The official Twitch blog also emphasises that Subscriber Streams aren't private streams. Subscriber Streams are available now to Partners and Affiliates who meet Twitch's requirements and can be selected on the dashboard. Until more is known about how Subscriber Streams will perform on Twitch, we're curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Viewers that are not subscribed will see a brief preview of a stream before receiving the option to subscribe. Creators must still abide by Twitch's community guidelines and terms of service even while hosting a subscriber-only stream.

- Subscriber Streams are tagged "Subscriber Stream" for easy discoverability. Most Twitch streamers earn a 50 percent cut of every subscription, making it in their best interest to try to convince viewers to join their membership program. This tag can not be removed, and it will always appear first when multiple tags are in use. Anyone can view live previews of the streams and report any inappropriate content.

As expected, the news of the sub only broadcast feature Beta launching caused some mixed reactions in the community.

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