Published: Sat, June 29, 2019
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Mueller agrees to appear before two House panels next month

Mueller agrees to appear before two House panels next month

After the Mueller report was released in April, House Democrats have expended great effort to secure the former special counsel's testimony in an attempt to gather evidence for impeachment.

He added, "Russia attacked our democracy to help Trump win". Mueller has already telegraphed resistance: In his recent public remarks, he vowed that if he appears before Congress, he will "not provide information beyond that which is already public".

Mr Mueller ran an investigation into the allegations and despite concluding that Russian Federation helped the Trump campaign, he was unable to find evidence to prove conspiracy or obstruction of justice, but also insisted his findings did not exonerate him and in the report gave several examples where Mr Trump may have obstructed justice.

Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before US Congressional committees after being issued with subpoenas, Democrats have said.

Schiff said the committee members will be asking Mueller about what is in his report, but also will go beyond that because Attorney General William Barr also has felt free to discuss matters himself that weren't included in it. House Democrats are only just getting briefed on the former now. Overall, only 37% of voters across the board now support impeaching the president, down five points from January. "Those are issues that are not fully fleshed out in the report".

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Yow. The Trump campaign's "acceptance and use of that help?!"

He also questioned whether the subpoena the House Democrats served to Mueller was valid.

"Mueller terminated them illegally".

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"If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so", Mr Mueller declared. Trump submitted written answers instead. Throughout his investigation, Mueller never responded to angry, public attacks from Trump, nor did he ever personally join his prosecutors in court or make announcements of criminal charges from the team.

Democrats can probe Mueller about this. The continuation of the Mueller saga heading into the 2020 election cycle comes amid increasingly bitter and fractious politics that that has pitted hardcore Trump loyalists from the American heartland against more liberal and moderate Democratic lawmakers from coastal states and big cities.

Now, Mr Mueller will be available to directly answer whether impeachment proceedings are what he is suggesting. Trump Jr. took this meeting in the full expectation that he'd receive dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. "So I think that they will regret having called him". "And that's illegal. That's a crime", Trump said in an interview with Fox Business Network, referring to pair of Federal Bureau of Investigation employees who exchanged disparaging messages about him.

Trump addresses reporters as he departs the White House for transit to the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. This requires caution, since doing that isn't necessarily a sign of guilt, McQuade notes, but it might undercut Trumpworld's spin that they were all "cooperative" with the investigation.

But the report found insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

On the obstruction of justice issue, do Nadler and Schiff really expect that Mueller will somehow add anything above and beyond what is in the report?

"Attorney General Barr led a campaign of misinformation and deceived the American people about what was in the report".

Greg Sargent writes The Washington Post's Plum Line blog.

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